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Registration form - entering Norway

Information you will need to fill out the the registration form to enter Norway below.

Click here for the entry form.


  • Email

  • Telephone

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Passport or ID

  • Language (english)

  • Country of residence

  • Date of arrival

  • Mean of arrival (airplane / road)

  • Flight number (not mandatory)

  • Seat number (not mandatory)

  • Country of departure

  • Countries visited during the last 10 days before departure

  • Quarantine option:

    • Full or partial exemption from quarantine

  • Type of exemption from quarantine:

    • Work-related travel in connection with international sports competitions, Section 6f

  • Specify quarantine accommodation

    • I will complete my quarantine outside working hours at a suitable accommodation; where I can avoid close contact with other people, where I have a private bathroom and my own kitchen or food service

  • Hotel & address in Norway

Once completed, you will receive an email from

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